Saturday, January 2

A Lesson in Longevity. Or, Trends be Damned.

The pair I wanted more than ANYTHING.  Nude, fabulous.
Confession - I came of fashion age in the 70's so consider the context but..... I've always loved a good, high-heeled clog.  This started in the earliest days of 70's platform clogs because allllll the cool girls in Southern California had them: 
 And then it moved to Candies, the ultimate slide/mule/clog.  Being a tween at the time my mother would, on no uncertain terms, allow a pair and I have pined for some version ever since.  
Candies, just to refresh your memory - - 

In the early 80s someone added furry stuff, which usually looked like a wet dog, but nary a second did my devotion waver.
I was STILL forbidden to own a pair. 

Somewhere down the clop-clop-clop road of clogs I switched allegiance to a black, closed-toe variety with dear-to-my-heart SILVER STUDS.  Of course, Prada has done them well (Miuccia being a devout 70s girl) but that has forever been above my price range, and anyway, Prada runs way too narrow for me.  So, WahhhhHHHH.    

I would fall over dead, and would look amazing en route.
H E A V E N!

I have looked and looked and looked for upwards of 20 years for the perfect pair.  No one has them just right - heels too brown, too bleached pine like above, brass not silver studs, gold not silver studs, $1200, brown leather, too Hasbeens, heel too low.... you get the picture.

Ta-DAAAAA!  The perfect pair!

 Here are my less-than lovely pics - I was so excited to share I couldn't wait another minute to snap them better:-(  Get 'em quick on - link above.
Ok, so they're calling them a "mule" - NOT flattering, but, who cares? 

Wrappy, strappy moto style perfection
 So there, I have them, a 20+-year-old dream come true!  It happens, don't give up the fashionfaith. Ever.
The lesson here, since that's what we started with, is.... When you love something, you love it; it doesn't matter which decade you buy/wear/find/revive it - it's YOU.  Trends be damned, dammit.  After all, this is 2016 - Candie's was 1978, and and look how long that style has lasted?   
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