Saturday, September 27

The Finest D I Y Wedding Dress Ever!

Story found on Good Morning America
Chi Kreneta crocheted her own wedding dress over a 50-minute/day, 5-month commute!  She's an architect that learned to crochet from her grandmother and has put the skill to exceptional use, wouldn't you say?

Just for kicks I Googled vintage crocheted wedding dresses and found this on eBay.  French Victorian gown of Irish crocheted Lace for around $10K.
vintage Irish Lace

If you are inclined to make your own vintage inspired version - here you go. . .

Ladylike 50s:
PDF pattern here

For the Disco bride!

pattern on Etsy

And how about this 60s-ish mini for a beach wedding?
It's found on Crochet Rising which has collected a bunch of links for DIY crocheted wedding dresses.

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