Thursday, July 24

The Perfect Sneakers for Fall/Winter 2014

There are so many kooky versions of the sneaker, or trainer, or running shoe, whatever you want to call it, out for fall I thought I'd drop my favorites on you just for kicks.  

First of all, I always think it's weird when uber designers issue a version of something like a sneaker and then sell them for $2K.  There's something wildly disingenuous about it.  Cute and trend setting, but…off, and not in a brilliant way off.   Sneaker snobbery has already gone far enough, sez me.   Cue Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chanel, in that order below:

Look for knock offs galore at any mall in America and probably Chez Target:-)

All trashing aside - here are ones I LOVE:
1st of all, as a California girl I will forever be devoted to my beloved Vans.  And when they collaborated with Star Wars this year I was ecstatic.   Even a Mom like me can pull these bad boys off with a little skirt + leather jacket or jeans + T...
Oh Han Solo and Boba… do I love thee?

Nothin' and I mean nothin' beats the classic Slip-on

And… in the leather category - how about these darlings?
They come in white too - perfect for end of summer transitions.  I just discovered the blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blond Salad and she has super cool shoes!  The slippers with a winking eye are to die, but these = = =  FAB, period.
The Lana - also in white

the Drew - also in white.

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  1. #SneakerSnobberySucks. Everyone has been copying Vans now for the past few seasons, but nothing can compare :) I treasure my KISS Rock and Roll Over ones, and now have the Star Wars ones. Word to the wise, though - buy in multiples because they sell out and are discontinued quickly!