Friday, July 18

Swooning in a Big Way - Martin Margiela F/W Couture '14

Time for another Maison Martin Margiela post!  I am always blown away by MMM first from an aesthetic perspective and secondly because their long-standing philosophy has been to up cycle or repurpose fabrics.  This new collection uses bits of antique garments and their own samples to stunning effect.  Also incorporated are mid century "Japanese Souvenir" Bomber Jackets sourced from around the globe.  You know how much I love a good patchwork…..
Skirt is patchwork of embroidery samples and took 80 hrs. to make! 

Again, embroidery samples and the cashmere coat is patched together samples from trade shows.
Part of the bomber jacket is from 1945 and the skirt is constructed of embroider samples in metal
Part of the bodice is from antique - 1870! - french embroideries acquired at auction.

Here's the runway video too. 

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