Friday, April 25

What IS Slow Fashion Anyway?

Slow Fashion Forward is an innovative consortium of women dedicated to advancing the Slow Fashion movement with a variety of consultancy services.  I found their cute illustrations and simple explanation of the movement's values be worth sharing.  So link up here to see exactly what Slow Fashion means.

I think most importantly, as they write, Slow Fashion is about:
#10 Practicing Consciousness
This means making decisions based
on personal passions, a connection
to others and the environment, and
the willingness to act responsibly.
Within the Slow Fashion movement,
many people love what they do,
and aspire to make a difference in the
world in a creative and innovative way.""

Side note:  On their FB page Slow Fashion Forward shared the Senior Design Project from Germany, a group that brings skilled senior citizens together with young, aspiring designers to share their talents.  Don'tcha love it?

photo from Senior Design Project FB page

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