Monday, February 24

Avoiding Fashion Overwhelm

In light of Fashion Week here, there & everywhere frenzy - - -  RELAX!   A funny list of 

40 things to remember when fashion gets too much!

from one of the editors at i-D. 
"16. It is better to buy one stomach-churningly expensive piece of clothing that you love - even if means you can’t pay the rent next month - rather than an array of cheap things which you just, sort-of, quite like.
"  Always sane eco-fashion style advice.
My favorite is - "26. More fashion designers should ‘take a season out’ if they feel like doing so. Good ideas do not inherently happen every six months.
"  Ugh.  So true.  Why oh why do we keep seeing collections a gazillion times/year?  It detracts from the thrill of Fashion Weeks around the globe.  We need long dry spells of downtime between seasons in order to ramp up the pining for new and exciting ideas.  The blessed dry spells give the uber stylists of the world time to shine in the glossies and this is a good thing.  Christmas wouldn't be as fun if it came in July too.
Uh, damn, oops;  guilty of #4 - "Words like ‘edgy’ and ‘directional’ should be used sparingly, otherwise you sound like the tacky fashion ‘expert’ off breakfast telly.

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