Saturday, January 4

Turn 'em Inside Out on 24-04-14

It's on my calendar - will you join us??

In memory of the horrendous fires of the Rana Plaza garment factory on 24/04/13, Fashion is on a mission with WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?  day scheduled for 24/04/14.
Going way beyond the giggly Jr. High tradition of "inside out day" Who Made Your Clothes? day is a poignant demand that we all address  the WHO (the actual people) and HOW our clothing is made  - from thread to finish.  Wearing your clothes #INSIDEOUT for the day will undoubtedly initiate conversations on the dire conditions in much of the garment industry as it stands today.  Perhaps questions will arise like:

Where did the cotton in your beloved skinnies come from?  Did the cotton farmer suffer from pesticide exposure or was he one of the lucky ones planting Organic Cotton?  Who sews for your favorite companies?  Are you sure your comfy Ts weren't sewn by 12-yr-olds?  Can you find something you like even better from eco brands?

Let's insure the victims of Rana Plaza are never forgotten and demand fashion brands uphold  acceptable ethical & eco standards in all areas of production.

Post WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES? day on your own social media sites the revolution will begin!

Ah!  Late breaking news - just realized there's a video (click above) and US version of @Fash_RevUSA.  Sorry about that!

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