Wednesday, January 1

Of Sewmobiles and "Necropants"

Ecouterre is offering up a slew of Eco-Fashion Vote-For's today that are both enlightening and fun.  A few of the stories were previously mentioned on this blog but there are a host of other ones should you spare the time.

This is our current favorite - talk about every little bit helps - ceramics professor Michael Swaine  spends one day/month mending clothes for free, on the street in SF.  He has set up his "sew mobile" this way for 12 years! "My small act is mostly a gesture and for some it means a lot but I think the bigger importance is the example of participating, of being a citizen and acting outside of what is normal.”

Necropants under Vote for the Most Bizarre

You can cast your VOTE for many pioneers whom are 'acting outside of what is normal' HERE.  Do it!

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