Friday, December 20

Who's Ecologically Illiterate?

Oh my friends!  This article in The Guardian hits right square on the head of the nail for us here at Jag & Nevie.  It is a personal pet peeve (pun intended) that animal rights are often the only Eco concern the fashion industry has and only because PETA makes such a fuss. While we uphold vegan values of course, it is the health of the entire globe that drives our machine, so I'm happy to see someone highlight the issue so succinctly.  It's short article, please take a gander.

"It's simply amazing how far we are from being a seriously ecologically literate culture." (Rebecca Burgess, author, textile artist and founder of The Fibershed Project in San Geronimo, California)

"In order to get mainstream society to react faster and stronger we have to show victims (people and animals) of planet abuse." (Sarina Saturn, assistant professor at the School of Psychological Science at Oregon State University)

River pollution from fabric dyeing

Love those bunnies and mink and beaver and cows and pigs, but love the trees and water and mountains and PEOPLE too.

Denim causes major eco problems


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