Monday, December 16

Stop Shopping!

Did you know American women spend about $60/month on clothes?  I'd say that's a low ball figure in Texas where we currently live!  If you include children's clothes & shoes I think it's at least double that. 

Anyhoo... over at Mommy Greenest Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff has proposed we all STOP SHOPPING (at the mall anyhow) for the month of January - yikes!  Gasp, splutter #^+! Can you do it???  Instead, Rachel proposes the trusty swap or thrift store raid to salve your retail therapy withdrawal.  Easy peasy - done!  Are you going to join us January 1st as we put some landfills on a diet?

Think how much sweatshop labor you will NOT be contributing to!   Think how many thrift store wages you will ensure!

{probably ill advised post seeing as how Jag & Nevie sells new garments (well, mostly new considering about 95% each garment is from upcycled fabrics], but what the hay?  We are eco disciples through and through and it that means belt tightening for a month - well, here we go - ciiiinch....}

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