Monday, December 9

Are you STRESSED... or Just Happy to See Me?

A hardee, har, har. 

Ecouterre shared this little techno fashion nugget last week and it's too good to pass up so - get this:

Microsoft is developing a brassiere that monitors your stress level and will alert you, via phone of course, when you're in danger of overeating due to stress.  Um.... hmmmm.

Well, I agree with the article, VERY sexist to say nothing of absurd.  If I got beeped every time stress levels hit warp speed I'd be forced to chuck the stupid contraption out the window in the fast lane thus risking a littering ticket, throwing my eco principals to the wind and therefore raising heart rate levels past *ludicrous to plaid speed.  We all know when we stress eat, so telling us isn't going to help much.  A glove that shocked my hand every time I reach for food, on the other hand....

*Spaceballs reference if you've forgotten the ways of Lord Dark Helmet.

Never underestimate the power of the schwartz.

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