Thursday, November 14

NEW Mini-Collection: Ode to a (punk?) Lilly Pullitzer

As posted before, when Lilly Pulitzer died this year we were so sad.  Her elegant, cheerful summer dresses have always been exactly the thing to perk up a miserably hot day.  It doesn't hurt that the likes of Jacki O adored them too!
Jackie + LillyP courtesy of lovely blog Elements of Style, thx!

Just for kicks, in homage to her fabulous legacy we created a small collection of One-of-a-Kind -but you knew that- upcycled wool skirts imagining Lilly as a city girl 2013; a Preppy Punk if you will:-) 
We've included a few for the youngster mini skirt crowd and a few you could wear to the office.   A cashmere sweater, boots or tall Mary Janes and voila! a dashing, unique look.  As Lilly P herself said:

“I didn't set out to be unusual or different. I just wanted to do things my way.”

Available until they're gone! 

There's no doubt wearing one of these will establish "your way"!  Cheers to being original.

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