Friday, November 1

Halloween - a Terror-less Make up Story

H A L L O W E E N!
This year the kids went as a rabid scarecrow puppet that came to life (his own original idea) and Abby Bominable from Monster High. 'Never get tired of Monster High around here.  Nope.

Costuming - I can't stand the greasy, gross, most certainly toxic make up typically available and I absolutely refuse to put it on my children's perfect skin.  So... we tried a blue mineral alternative from a favorite Etsy seller, Pink Quartz Minerals.  Look how awesome it turned out! 
Stage/Halloween Make Up from Pink Quartz Minerals

To apply you mix the powder w/ water and sponge it on.  After it dries you can buff off the loose stuff, add more layers if you want deeper color and DONE!  (We were able to get it seriously blue, Xmen-Mystique-blue, but decided to buff down to an Abby color)  Granted, it's not easy on a squirming someone whom keeps scratching their nose, but I tried!

Best part? 'No trouble with it wrecking the white fur (caveat - applied make up 1st before donning costume) or the couch or the car or my shirt...

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