Wednesday, October 9

The California Mission Ride to Boot

 For most of you it's here - finally - BOOT WEATHER!  Can I get an "amen"?  Alas, here in swampy, southern Houston the long-awaited season is still far off, but a girl can pine...

And, on the subject of all things boot, cowboy boot to be precise  - - -

Have you followed the exciting adventure currently en route touring California's storied Missions, The California Mission Ride?  CMR is in it's second year, about to visit the last of 21 missions covering 600 miles - on horseback.  BRAVO!

CMR is led by Hollywood director, Gwyneth Horder-Payton (think Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, Grey's Anatomy, The Doors movie), writer Leslie Dunton-Downer  (The English is Coming), and Rod Rondeaux Crow/Cheyenne Hollywood Actor/Stunt Rider/horseman extraordinaire (Meek's Cutoff, The Lone Ranger, Into the West - below). 


Fierce barbed wire shorts and all, Rod Rondeaux is a force to be reckoned with.  It's impossible to gossip about him without mentioning his many bighearted causes both humanitarian and mammalian.  Rod and his wife, Equine Fine Art Photographer, Rachel Waller Rondeaux , operate a horse rescue/stunt ranch in far west Texas called Firelight South Ranch and he's behind The Indian Stunt Ranch.  Mr. Rondeaux also trains underprivileged Indian youth in the art of equine stunt riding with the goal of giving them a marketable as well as culturally significant skill. Last but not least, the Rondeauxs run the non-profit American Indian People for Wild Horses (major hand on heart) dedicated to the preservation of this beleaguered species so special to American history and ecology.

Happy Trails, CMR!  In lieu of riding shotgun, we excitedly await release of the documentary.

Rod Rondeaux - Roman Nose in Into the West (available on Netflix)

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  1. RachaelWallerPhotography.smugmug.com10/15/13, 8:15 PM

    The best ever. Thank you. This is over the top fun.