Tuesday, August 6

Upcyling a Jet - Malibu Style and Earth911

It's time to break the silence on the Southern Front.  It's been a busy, kid monopolized summer, but here's something amazing for your enlightenment nevertheless - - -

Have you seen the Wing House in Malibu?  Designed by David Hertz of the Studio of Environmental Architecture in Venice Beach,  it is largely constructed from a dismantled Boeing 747. 

Many of the large pieces had to be flown in by helicopter.  Hertz was devoted to upcycling as much of the jet as possible, even making a fire pit on the patio out of parts.  You can read a shortie about the house on my new favorite eco blog -  Earth911 - More Ideas, Less Waste

Click to watch a video tour of this magnificent house

I wonder how many centuries it will take to save up enough pennies to hire SEA to make a beautiful house & studio for me - - -

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