Friday, July 5

Of Latex & Geodes

Wow!  F/W 2013 Couture Season has brought some gorgeous things into the fashion world again and as usual, I loved the Maison Martin Margiela collection.  They struck a cord with my little eco-centric heart by up cycling vintage fabrics, embroidery and dresses, but what really got me were the latex covered shirts, jeans and boots and this:

Thank you, for the pics
  A Geode vest!  How amazing is that?  Not comfortable.  Not quiet.  But very, very cool.
As for the latex - it looks terrific but is totally unwearable down here in uber swampy southern Houston and probably most other climes also.  'T would be akin to one of those icky "sweat suits" from the 70s where you zip yourself in from head to toe to produce a lose-5-pounds-sweat.  
Just the sci-fi disco dominatrix boots, maybe?

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