Sunday, June 23

The Half-Tuck ala Emmanuelle - a How-To

Casual chic isn't going away anytime soon.  Not as long as Emmanuelle Alt reigns at VOGUE Paris.  A friend and I were discussing the how & why of her ubiquitous half-tucked shirt signature.  I appreciate how she brazenly wears the same shirts so many times in true French-girl style. So eco! Truly a uniform.   Find our conclusions below the pics. 
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And... quelle horreurr! Ripped!!!  I know Ms. Alt is of the fine vintage whom survived the original Grunge Age, but she's not exactly a Seattle-ite. How does she DO this and not look like she's just come from sleeping in the back of the van?
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- a How-To for the Half-Tucked Look  - 
(so as not to have your kids show up wearing this!)

Observation #1 - Body - She's skinny, DAMMIT.  (Unfortunately my current girth does NOT lend itself to this look:-/ )  Having twiggy legs helps too, but that can be handily overruled by point # 2 -

Observation #2 - Shoes & Pants - Emmanuelle always has a great, high quality shoe and very narrow pants to balance the erstwhile slovenly habit.  Heels aid the elongated profile.

Observation #3 - Color - Neutral colors keep it elegant and quiet.  Although - - -  It could be done with a fuchsia or orange shirt/white jean combo for summer, don't you think?

Observation #4 - Accessories - A distinct lack of accessory flash keeps the overall look like "serious fashion" (which I realize, for some, is an oxymoron) vs. a bag lady pile-on. 

Observation #5 - Jackets - When the weather dictates, a sleek fitted jacket purposefully anchors the concept.

 What do you think; did we overlook anything? Comment below...

Let's all avoid this frumperie!

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