Thursday, April 4

Dark Cocoa Hot Cocoa

Have you made yourself a cup of DARK hot cocoa yet?  If not, you simply MUST!  Remember the magical powers of Vianne's spicy hot cocoa in Chocolat?  Well... here's a delicious vegan version I made up:


2T. Dark Cocoa Powder*
Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper
Sprinkle Cinnamon
1T. Agave Nectar
1/2t. Stevia (optional - only if you wish it to be sweeter)
 8oz. Almond milk

Pour powder and spices in a small pan and wisk to break up the chunks.  Pour in milk and sweeteners and wisk on Med-High heat until ready to drink!
*If you're a devout chocoholic try 3T or more:-)

Enjoy.  Maybe even with a dollop of whipped coconut cream

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