Tuesday, February 12

NYFW Review - Rodarte (flashback)

For the record, I adore the Mulleavy sisters and what they've accomplished at Rodarte.  I get very excited about each new collection and the interesting stories they tell.  So smart, so clever, so boundary pushing. 
But... I have to confess I'm confused and disappointed with the Fall/Winter 2013 collection.  Wahhh.   Late 80s college grunge apparel flashbacks aren't always welcome.  Neither are the ones when we all wore Donna Karan inspired bodysuits with EVERYTHING and the thong-backed ones had a nasty habit of hiking up above your jean's waistband.  Not pretty.  Witness: 

First - 80s-ness:

not so pretty sweaters with big dropped shoulders

Acid wash.  Ack.

Second - Grunge Flashbacks:
boyfriend biker jackets WITH acid wash

we wore long johns peeking out ala Seattle style
The dreaded bodysuit hike - redux
Third:  more angel wings?
Every soccer mom in Texas has a blingy wings T shirt.  Why are these backwards I wonder?  Hmm.  The nude chiffon with satin piping is lovely, however.

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