Monday, February 11

Furry Tail

Woody Harrelson has long been a voice for all things Vegan, and he's just come out with a clever new video in support of The Humane Society's anti-fur campaign.  Watch it!  It's not gruesome, really. Persuasive, yes, gory, no.
I'm still struggling to part with my gorgeous vintage 50s & 60s coats with fur collars:-/  It seems to me that wearing them is a way of honoring and extending the "life" of the lovely furry creatures that gave their lives before their time.  I still believe it is ecologically better to "use up" what we have than throw it away or just put it back into the thrift store cycle on this point.  Yes, I could donate the collars to wildlife rehab centers as I've posted about before, but I'm not there yet.
Anyone want to enlighten me further?  I'm open to discussion here:-)
time to part?

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