Sunday, January 20

The Best in Show & Tell: Reusable Jar Lids

Lids + straws from Organic Mountain Woman
With this entry I'm announcing a new post category:   "the Best in Show & Tell".  
And, to start it off right - how about these non-PBA plastic jar-to-beverage lids?  They come in two sizes, small and large mouth to fit a variety of jars and the (also non-PBA) straws come in zippy colors! Organic Mountain Woman also sells nifty miniature bottle brushes so you can clean out the straws - brilliant!  Green juice and iced tea never had it so good.  Come to think of it, neither did portable margaritas.  Now THERE'S an idea I can drink to.

OH! This just in!  Organic Mountain Woman is offering readers 15% discount on their products if you use the coupon code JAGNEVIE at check out.  DO IT!  You won't be sorry:-)

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  1. Thank you, Thank you for your glowing review!
    For Jag & Nevie fans, use coupon code JAGNEVIE for 15& off your order.