Wednesday, December 12

The Importance of Supporting Small Designers - Like Us:-)

This morning THE Cut ran a good article on shopping ethically for presents this year.  They advocate spending on better quality and supporting US makers - Jag & Nevie, perhaps? :-)  Exerpt:

"...That means going local in our shopping. For example, you can purchase your holiday gifts from crafters like Jenine Bressner, who sold and showcased her wares at Maker Faire this year. When I spoke to Bressner and other craftivists like Church of Craft's Callie Janoff, it was clear their DIY wasn't just Portlandia-ish kook. They do tend to have ideals.* They aren’t creating a mass-production line that can lead to exploitation and dangerous corner-cutting. Buying and selling from real people and being able to make everything they need: These were some rationales for all that knitting, felting, and decoupaging."
* Three cheers for ideals.
Everybody needs a fun new scarf for Christmas

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