Tuesday, November 13

Waste Not

piles of t shirt strips = straps and necklaces at a later date

stack of sleeve = ruffles, posies and/or more strips
I am always excited when able to reduce waste of any kind.  We are making mosaics out of plastic container caps at our elementary school right now - awesome.  Southern Houston grocery stores are finally recycling plastic bags - whew.  I'm making necklaces out of frozen juice container caps - chic (hopefully!).
And today I decided to actually measure how little/or how much, depending on your half full/half empty perspective, fabric waste was leftover after cutting 8 t-shirt "T Bags".

This is all that remains of 8 unloved t-shirts that would have otherwise met their demise in a landfill or been shipped (at great environmental cost) to Africa for donation & resale.   Much of this small pile (scissors shown for scale) will be used as pillow and doll stuffing also.  I call that fantastic.

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