Tuesday, September 18

Christopher Raeburn Eco Designer Fabulous

Christopher Raeburn, a marvelous eco-designer  from Britain has just shown his new collection and it's terrific.  He uses upcycled fabrics to great effect.  This dress is one, I believe, from decommissioned parachute nylon - isn't it chic?!   I'm crazy about it.

Ecouterre reports, "Raeburn stumbled upon a cache of ’50s-era flight maps, printed on silk instead of paper so pilots could find their way to safety even in a downpour. (“The intricate print is as interesting to decipher as it is visually impressive,” Raeburn says.)"

Here is a map dress -
so elegant
 You can find the beautiful website by clicking his name above.  Menswear is currently available on his E-Shop, but Harvey Nichols and Wrong Weather may have the new Spring 2013 womenswear collection.  

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