Tuesday, August 14

Guide to Humane Clothing Choices

Here at Jag & Nevie we have been Vegan-izing our business over the last year.  First, I went Vegan in a dietary fashion and then I've been working on weening 'self of a leather and cashmere habit.  I'm not there completely because I have an issue with non-leather shoes always falling apart too quickly, and we all know how important shoes are to one's well-being:-)  Plus, I LOVE crazy fashion shoes, not boring, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, dullsville, comfort shoes.  There I said it.

Being an environmentalist to the core I still believe recycling (up-cycling, salvaging, what-have-you) is better for the planet in the long run than simply NOT making any more cashmere sweaters, but I'm open to persuasion on this subject.  At this point I don't plan to make more upcycled cashmere sweaters....

With that in mind - here's a great article on what goes into making angora, cashmere, alpaca etc.  All of those being animal products, of course.  Read it and be educated, lovelies!
an Angora bunny - not a sweater

ALSO - a comprehensive list, courtesy of PETA (by way Healthy Bitch Daily) of of vegan clothing & shoe companies here.  I'm going to give it my best shot and try some of the shoes:-)

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