Tuesday, July 3

Nonchalance, Bien SUR

Raf Simon's debut at Dior yesterday was lovely.  But what I found most compelling was the spectacular Inès de la Fressange showing up in her unique version of nonchalance.  Who else could attend Dior in such a perfectly chic but casual ensemble? 

By contrast, the equally spectacular creature, Anna Dello Russo, was just as perfect in her full-on fashion crusader way.   She is the current Editor of Vogue Japan.  For a super fun visual overload click on her website above:-)  When one is so sincerely fabulous to my mind such relentless self-promotion is utterly forgivable.  It's hard to imagine a more zealous ambassador for fashion, and THAT I can get behind.  PLUS... she seems completely immune to the rampant fear of aging.  Can I get an "Amen"!  Rock on Anna.  

a flawless clothes hanger indeed!
Here a pair of Bluemarine shoes she wore recently:
begs the phrase "tip toe through the tullies"

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