Wednesday, May 16

T Bags for the Pets!

I just delivered an order of 22 T Bags to Pasadena Pets & People Alliance, a local Texas pet adoption center, and I'm VERY excited about it!
They plan to re-sell the bags as a fund-raiser at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival this weekend.  How fun is that?  Pics:
The P&P Alliance one at bottom is on one side of each bag

REcycyled Denim staps (including pockets when possible!)

The back of one bag - funny little logo appliqued below "Charge", eh?
KittyPuss approves of being rescued and adopted.  Once (self) promoted to her UnCut Denim Pile Supervisory role years 3 yrs ago she rapidly forgot her pre-adoption orphan days:-)

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