Friday, May 25

New Halter Tops!

Chuck Norris Does Not Sleep... He WAITS
Reverses to solid oranges and reds
Brand spanking NEW! 
Lots of reversible - yep, that's 2 garments in one - Tube Top/Halter Tops are up on Etsy.  Tie the straps for a halter or in a bow for a tube! LOVE reversible, convertible clothes, don't you?   Just perfect for throwing in the suitcase...

I had so much fun picking the color combos and combining the crazy graphics to get the most artistic collage for each Tube.  This season I added dangly bead charms too; just 'cuz. 

A note about fit:  These are designed by bra size:  32 - 38 (up to a C cup) and I can custom make larger or smaller sizes; just ask.

Happy frou-frou umbrella drink lounging!

I call this one Y-Die for obvious reasons.   Get in on the neon trend without blinding the public.

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