Monday, May 21

Miu Miu Boots Everybody Wants

I know everybody wants these and they've been around now for months which is forEVER in fashion terms... but I just have to rave about them again!   I hate all forms of yellow and mustard, but for some reason - not here.  This is the most flattering little bootie I've seen in a long time, in all the colorways it came.  Why?  Let me count the ways -
  • the color combo - dark toe caps make feet look smaller; 
  • dark panel down front to elongate leg and give illusion of narrowness (always a good thing); this is accentuated by the v-shape dip at the rim
  • curvy lines always flatter female bodies; 
  • the PERFECT profile - a Louis heel is always, always beautiful on the female leg.  The little swoop in is graceful and sensual - and comfortable - bonus!
  • the flowery yet tough vibe is feminine
  • they go with almost anything!
a profile in perfection

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