Thursday, May 10

Imagine WHIRLED (frozen) PEAS

First - eye-rolling new Age-y disclaimer - Abort poste haste if you sick of all the Juicing talk!

I've been trying to build a green juicing habit for months since reading the lovely, lovely, very funny Kris Carr's book Crazy Sexy Diet.  I adore. love and worship Kris and believe everything she says, but ACK*^"!, I'm a starch girl.  I loooove my morning, starchy, sugary, carb-y cereal overdose.  BUT - taaa daa - I may have found green juice salvation!   What's the magic ingredient you say?  Whirled (frozen) peas, please.

Me, before whirled (frozen) peas:

Me, après les petits pois glacé:
notice nearly drained glass.  anything THIS green has got to be anti-aging, right?  right?
Try this:  3 stalks kale or swiss chard, 1/2 cucumber 1 c. frozen peas (PROTEIN!) and a shot of Braggs Liquid Aminos for a bit of salt - WHIRL and enjoy.  Maybe I'm just feeling extra frisky and self-righteous because I actually got lazy rear in gear and did the gym at 6am today, but this really tastes yummy.

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