Thursday, May 24

Humility, thy name is T shirt Strips

T Scrap chair Rehab

Just when I thought I new everything about cutting up T Shirts - the lovely Nathalie Chanin and cohorts come up with another one:-)  This neat slide show of rehabilitated chairs was up on @NyTimes today.  People's creativity inspires me daily.  Many times daily!

I'm sure I've mentioned it a gaziiiillion times, but I just adore Nathalie Chanin.  Alabama Chanin is her spectacular business where she and the marvelous crafters in her little Alabama town hand-make, and I mean HAND MAKE (totally sewn by hand, NO machines!) gorgeous, gorgeous clothing.  Her business model is everything I could ever hope to emulate.  She is such a life force.  Thank you, Ms. Chanin.

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