Thursday, April 26

Nash Metropolitan - the cutest 'Mini" ever

Mom's was salmon & white too!
When my Mom went to college in the early 60's she drove a Nash Metropolitan similar to this one!  Is that not THE cutest little bitty ride you've ever seen?  To quote the ubiquitous Ms. Zoe, "I DIE"!  (by the way don't you think that's going to be her little boy's first spoken phrase?!)
Anyhow, the Nash... according to my Dad, KK (what the G'kids call her) showed up on campus with this zippy little number and, of course, she was verrrry popular with the boys:-)

Here are two other colors/styles that are just swell.  Hardtop and Ragtop convertibles were available I think.

I'm sure they're beYOND collectible, but outside of California I've only ever seen one in my life.  How about that blue one in the back?!

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