Tuesday, April 24

Houston HAS a VEG FEST?! And so does Mad Men... well, almost

I am so excited to see that Houston actually, as of last year (never to late!), has a VEG FEST!!!! This is amazing.  Down here in the southern part of the city I always feel like a lone wolf in my vegetarian ways:-/   But, NO!  It's there, and I'm going to take the kids and go check it out.  IF they still have openings we'll do a Jag & Nevie booth too - YAY!

Houston VEG FEST link:

gratuitous MM pic
Thank you, VEGNews, my almost-favorite-magazine (next to the huge stack of fashion mags that burden my mailbox) for spreadin' the love and news....    Oh, and for posting MadMen Recipes - VEGANIZED:-)      Meatless Salisbury Steak, Shepherd's Pie anyone?  DEEEElish, sez me.

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