Wednesday, April 4

The HELPING PAWS & CLAWS Giveaway Contest! Enter to win a Tote Bag!!!!

Today is our first ever Giveaway Contest!  Inspired by the antics of our beloved KittyPuss, the rescue kitty we can't live without, Jag and Nevie is giving away the Rescue themed REcycled
 TBag shown here.

 One of our super sturdy, double layer REcycled Tshirt TBags, it features a bright purple exterior, orange and red interior with red fringe, REcycled denim strap and interior phone pocket. Handy dandy!  Use it for the farmer's market, library books, kid paraphernalia, whatever...
notice the shut-eye happening mid-seam

Other than tuna, KittyPuss loves nothing better than to commandeer my fresh stacks of fabric, pattern pieces being drafted and, as you can see - sewing on the trusty old Singer.  Every cat I've ever owned has assisted my design projects. They can't resist!  I have to physically move her paws out of the way of the needle sometimes.  Crazy feline. 

 So - send us photos of your favorite animal kingdom helper in the act!  Jag and Nevie themselves will pick the winner on April 21st.  The winner will be announced here, on the blog, Sunday, April 22nd.
 SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY HERE!! (google docs)

Good luck everyone!  Thanks for playing:-)

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