Tuesday, April 3

Defining Neutral

My friend, John Knott, a notable Houston furniture designer and artist extraordinaire, says silver is his beige.  He mentioned this one day when we were looking at his metallic silver-painted brick  fireplace and I realized that silver has always been a neutral for me too.  Any shade of silver from gunmetal to chrome will do.  I'm pathologically allergic to bronze, brass and most gold colors!  They just rub me wrong for some reason.  Ok, so I think leopard is a neutral also, but that's another post...
see - look how neutral that little leopard candle looks with the Pronghorn skull and antique Navaho pottery!

At any rate - I finally found an everyday purse that I love - a SILVER Calvin Klein number snagged for a song at Marshalls.  It's the perfect NEUTRAL!   Here is a celebration of a few silvers (mostly chrome I guess!) in my life.....
the purse on my favorite Deco physician's cabinet

chrome industrial kitchen shelving - the most heavy duty shelving you can get

favorite deco lamp with weird mother-of-pearl shade w/ chrome bands
chrome in it's best incarnation - deco frames
I've collected 40s/50s chrome cocktail shakers and coffee pots for ages!  LOVE them
heavy on the silver.....
The fabulous charcoal 50s looking barkcloth in the lamp photo is a wonderful fabric done by MelinaMade, a little company in California that hand-silkscreens vintage 50s prints.  She has a small collection and every print is great!  I've had that one, Charcoal Boomerang, for over 10 years and still adore it.  An acquaintance on Etsy makes pillows from some of Melina's fabrics too, along with original barkcloth. 

Find her here:  Atomic Livin' Home!    
Thanks for hanging in for this long post:-)

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