Saturday, March 3

Balmain, Isabel Marant

Balmain on
I'm not all that excited about Balmain this season, but I do like this skeletal, sci-fi looking dress.  The beading looks heavy!  Beautiful workmanship, of course.  I don't like the real boxy shapes of the jackets.
I'm always curious to see what Isabel Marant is going to send out, and this season was fun.  Ralph Lauren has permanently scarred my view of luxe cowboy, so I wasn't completely gaga with this version.  However, the pants were a lot of fun and probably very flattering to wear.  'Particularly taken with the matador ones left unbuttoned like that!

I think the only way to wear the western idea is how Ms. Marant shows it here - minus the ubiquitous cowboy boot remake!  I didn't like her slouchy version either.  Maybe being in Texas for 3 years has burned me out:-/  Oh dear.  I LOVE cowboy boots usually.  Hmmm.

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