Tuesday, February 7

Planning a TRIP? Dreaming of a VACATION?

I most certainly have been dreaming of Europe.  My new friend from the Netherlands has made me want to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which is a very favorite of mine.   It was there I first saw one of my favorite paintings of his, the smoking skull. 

I miss Paris.  The Amalfi Coast.  European train travel.  Alas!  The horizon does not resemble the European coastline.  Instead I found some great travel accessories on Etsy to get us all in the mood to itinerary plan!  Here's the treasury "Oh the Places You'll GO... or maybe already went".

A crazy store called Freaky Old Woman (how great is that?!) makes hysterical and some rather creepy sleep masks.  I love this one

 Ever since I inherited a bunch of shoe bags my grandmother had made, I've been obsessed with all sorts of travel bags. 
Shoe bags!

The well mannered bag  - LOVE!
At any rate, no matter what your props... HAPPY TRAVELS!

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