Saturday, February 18

Mid Mod - rabbits?

Mid Mod Bunnies love Eames!!  I bought this one.  Had to.
I haven't laughed so hard in a few weeks!  Jeff, an Etsy photographer,  makes the wittiest "wildlife" photos you can imagine.  Take a gander (yes, pun intended) and you won't be disappointed!

Disco Zebras!
This is what Jeff writes about the above mentioned zebras:

"It's not common knowledge, but the zebra's distinctive striping developed after the funky 1970s wallpaper, not the other way around. (The same is true of the leopard's spots).

The stripes first appeared in the late 70s on a small herd of Manhattan Island zebras. In their natural environment, the discotheque, stripes provided camouflage that foiled predators such as jive turkeys, funky chickens, and The Man."   I'm still giggling:-)  Make that guffawing, in a rather unladylike manner.

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