Sunday, February 19

Edie and Eddie (and Pats) and some others

I love when the new season's ads come out in the mags.  Kudos to Alexis Bittar for showing Pats and Edie!  I miss those girls.  Click here and watch a clip of the girls doing what they do best - swill and dance with ... bananas.
Also love the new Chanel gymnastic ads, Louis Vuitton ice creamy pastels and these:
Chanel.  This is why it must be fun to model!
Cavalli used the fantastic Kristen McMenamy & Naomi Campbell - yay for "mature" models:-)

And, lastly, the other Eddie - Redmayne, that is.  I don't think I'd mind if he whispered something naughty in my ear.  What a doll he is, eh?

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