Monday, January 30

A good laugh

Ok, this is way off subject, but I had to post it because it made me laugh about 5 times today:-)  It's an email from Nyneve's Kindergarten teacher, whom we love and adore:
"Dear Parents,

We are studying living and nonliving in science.  We are in need of some pill bugs (roly poly).  We need them Wednesday.  Please send your child out to dig some up for us.  I'll be hunting for some myself but can't be certain I'll find enough for us to observe up close. . . .one per table (5) or one per child (21) would be perfect.  We need them alive so don't send them until Wednesday.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs. B"

WE NEED THEM ALIVE!!!  Hysterical.  The things we do for our children.  The things their fabulous TEACHERS do for them - that's even more amazing.  Blessings to our teachers!

And..... I actually googled these images:-/

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