Wednesday, December 14

Vintage Ornaments

The atomic symbol!  I love the Lyre the most, but atomic - wow!

Cute little guy's legs have been re-glued a gazillion times. He's really old -30s maybe?
We have been collecting vintage mid-century ornaments for a decade at least and I treasure the moment when I open the ornament boxes and discover each one all over again every year!  It's like, well, Christmas!!
These are some favorites plus my new baby Norfolk Pine.  I adore Norfolk Pines and it was time to get a new one since the last one, which had become HUGE, was left to a friend when we moved from Colorado.  It was 7 years old!
Not all of these are old, but the red celestial one and conical teal are 40s-50s

Baby Norfolk won't fit UNDER the tree much longer

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