Thursday, October 6

Love for Kelly Wearstler

OK, another quickie post - I was pining for a shot in the arm of Kelly Wearstler fabulousness the other day - and lo, and behold - she blogs (of course!)... my vibe my life Kelly Wearstler
I wouldn't have discovered this but for Judy Aldridge's recent mention - Atlantis Home. 
Thank God for all the divine bloggers.

My one,  unsolicited, critique of Ms. Wearstler's work, with one caveat - I've only seen a small fraction of it, is that sometimes she repeats a loud color a bit too much in one project.  That said - LOVE everything she does!  Her personal and design style is so attractive and lively.  In one word I would say the Kelly Wearstler universe is "VIBRANT".
So excited to see the jewelry and clothing line.  Dying over all of the turquoisey, bluesy colored couches and chairs in a lot of the photos.  Crazy about all of the rocks and crystals.  Love the brass legs.  I want to live in THAT world.
Go Kelly!

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