Thursday, October 6

Heap Big Cashmere

I woke up Monday with the Texas Crud (Houston has the WORST air of the 6 states I've lived in - I know it's killing us:-/) - aka the upper respiratory nasties - and was a crabby mess.  That is, before KittyPuss took up residence on my lap determined to rev her rowdiest purr as a cheer me up.
Things were looking up and then - voila!

Happy, happy, joy, joy - I buried self under heap big cashmere scarves-in-progress  and Nirvana was achieved.  I don't think anything could be yummier, not even a lap cat, than a pile of cashmere.  I'm loving the scarves so much I would focus on recycled cashmere exclusively from now on if it wasn't so hard to come by.   S.O.S friends - SEND defunct CASHMERE:-)

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