Monday, October 31

By Hook or by ... Dishes?

This is an amazing pair of art deco celluloid hooks I found at a very crowded, dirty, falling down (really, truly we thought the roof might cave, and there was a toddler running around touching all the breakables - scary adventure!) antique shop recently.  Aren't they to die?

Photographed on my 50s sparkle vinyl chairs that have been re-soldered twice to keep the legs alive and sittin'.

And since we're still on the theme of blue and vintage... here are my beloved 50s plates:
The top are, of course, the ever popular Franciscan Starburst pattern.  I fell in love with these as a kid and finally grabbed some when I lived in Prescott, Arizona, a little cowboy town in paradise.  A huge box of them for $100, which was a complete steal!  I felt guilty walking out with 40 lbs. of Franciscan at such a bargain, even back then, in the 90s.  The other two patterns shall remain nameless because I don't want you to go buying them all up!!!!!  HA!   We collectors are a vicious bunch ain't we?!

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