Thursday, July 7

Treasury Happy

Dark in the Heart of Summer     
Using my own Tea Posy Necklace in shades of black as a stepping off point I wondered what other Etsy folk were making for black summer neck "jewelry".  I am absolutely nuts about all the crocheted pieces especially.
My favorite is from a Lithuanian woman living in the UK - she makes lots of lovely items mixing beach glass and crochet!  Just frighteningly beautiful if you ask me.  I'm dying over these three (only the black is in the treasury, however)  Her shop is here

I am just in awe of the craftsmanship and beauty.  I have such a fondness for asymmetry and irregularity:-) and I highly doubt I could do anything remotely as gorgeous as these with my own box o' beach glass from lovely Monterey, CA!

I also really appreciate the technical skill (and good eyesight!) involved for this necklace - isn't it stunning?
 delicate necklace 
The shop hails from Turkey.  Check it out
I love these people!

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