Monday, April 2

Tube Time!

It's sum, sum, summertime here in southern Texas.  Most definitely.  Summer means - Strapless!  Enter the Culture Clash TubeTop....
 Did I mention they are reversible?!  Throw one in your suitcase and voila!  Two garments on one trip, how fab is that?  This one is in blues and greens with a crazy CubScouts t-shirt featuring their pledge and wolf logo.
  Love this one - it's got the coolest Barista shirt with a Soviet era logo featuring the "worker" hand holding up a coffee scoop instead of the ubiquitous hammer.  HA!  
 Each Tube uses between 6-8 Tshirts, which is 6 to 8 that don't end up buried alive in a landfill somewhere.  Who knew they could lead such a sassy new life?

 Heath Ledger we miss you!

 Yes, I do love NY.

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