Tuesday, January 18

Saving Animals 8 Shirts at a time!

Well, ok, so it's not literally saving animals in the physical sense, BUT... we DO donate to the World Wildlife Fund - so, yeah, a T Scarf does contribute!  I know the hard-cores out there don't like the WWF because they (WWF) doesn't condemn all animal killing.  I think it's perfectly lovely that this organization does what it can to work with governments to try to alleviate suffering and potential extinction of local species.  They may be moderate, but we have to start somewhere.  More radical activism can come along down the pike to reinforce the ground work laid by the WWF.

OK.  Breathe in.  Step away from soap box and noone will get hurt...
Here's the latest, greatest scarf in honor of my joining the venerable EtsyVeg team!!!!  Go EtsyVeg!

 Eight shirts were used and this time I was able to use both a front and back for two of them: the groovy "I'm a Wild Thing... and I need Katy Prarie (" Southern Leopard Frog shirt and the "Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Zoobilee" shirt shown in the collages below.

 Check the cool anatomy of a Bee shirt!  It's from a library Spelling Bee;-)  I can't define, let alone spell those words!

Thanks for looking.  I look forward to a Veggie fabulous future with EtsyVeg.  Check out the rest of the team shops from around the globe; we've even got mineral cosmetics, lots of great jewelry and FOOD!!!

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