Wednesday, January 12

new T-Scarves! Tshirts recycled into fab scarves...

Ramping back up after the holidaze has been sloooowwww at best.  Somewhere I dropped some motivation between the 'nog & the recycling of wrapping paper.
BUT - here they are, some new T Scarves.  Take a peek!
T's from around the world in bright colors - TRAVEL themed!
 I've made them 90" long so they can double, triple wrap.  The fringe is now a bit shorter too, and I like the look a lot better.  I deprive the landfill of TEN, count 'em, 10!, t shirts for every scarf.  The sleeves and backs are being used for skirts too - no waste.  Gotta love it.

Cotton is oh-so much nicer than wool - no itch!

And, if chit-chat gets dull you can whip off your scarf and start it up again...
My fave - a drinking themed one:-0  Know some Valentine that would like it?

Another Global Travel themed one n neutral, unisex colors

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