Saturday, November 20

It's T Time. T-Scarf Time, that is

 Recycled T-shirt scarves are my cup of tea. A-heh- heh-heh!  The one on the left is an entry for Etsy's NASA Space Crafty Contest.  About 8 space themed t shirts were reworked into this scarf.  If I win the scarf even might end up on a Space Shuttle flight!  Can you imagine?
 This one is a Music Themed scarf featuring the Rolling Stones, the Beastie Boys, Austin City Limits music festival t-shirts and several more.  I love it!  Now if I can just scrounge up more concert t-shirts I'll be reaaally happy...
This crazy slogan scarf was purchased by an Etsy client in Illinois.  She reports it's quite a conversation piece wherever she roams! See it at the link below...
I think this was my favorite bunch of shirts yet.  The best was one that read " We do things My Way or the Hemmingway" and had his mugshot..  You gotta love it. The runner-up was the "Don't Do It' half of a Frankie Goes to Hollywood neon 80s shirt.  RELAX!

Crazy Slogan Scarf

Sending out a plea for usable shirts! Anyone, anyone?

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