Monday, October 18

T-skirts in real life

Drum roll.... here are the models!  The girls posed on Friday showing off their t-skirts to perfection.  Each one was given complete artistic license to style herself from top to bottom - fantastic! 

JoJo, Abella, Callie, Nevie
Beautiful Abella is 10 and is a budding fashion designer in her own right.  She's made a skirt out of men's ties among other things.  Clever, smart and funny with a flair for the dramatic arts (need a model? singer? actor?), she is also a star pupil in  robotics class and her entries in art contests are remembered for months later!
JoJo & Callie
7-yr-old JoJo (hat) is so rock star it hurts;-)  She disdains frou-frou and is the litmus test for anything hip. {Whew - the T-skirt made the cut} Peer pressure has nothing on her; she carves her own mark and in the very best way possible.  The boys all think she's the coolest girl alive!  Precious, unique and on the go; that's Jo.

Nevie & Callie
Callie (purse) and Nevie (scarf) wish they were cousins, or sisters, whichever comes first.  Almost 5, they are the girly girlies.  Known to sneak princess "clop-clop" shoes in the car "forgetting" real shoes for trips to Costco, they've been known to ride bikes in full costume mode.

Angelic Callie has Disneyland dreams and demanded her room be decorated like a bakery.  Callie's Confectionery is in full swing - it's everyone's favorite play spot.  Her wanna-be boyfriend was told she was "keeping her options open!"  Ask her to sing and dance for you...

Nevie & Abella
Nevie thinks she's an 8-year-old boy, but with a princess wardrobe, lots of purses and "jwewlery".  She works hard at keeping up with brother Jag and can beat you at concentration any day of the week.  Creative and obsessed with clothes, she's always turned out and fancy.  She makes her bed every day and lives by the law of PINK!

Thanks girls!  The skirts look wonderful on you.  We love you!

(posting skirts on Etsy tomorrow)

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